Thursday, April 1, 2010

Name change.

Well, my brother has decided that he no longer likes Tidus, the other cat that decided that we should really be his family.We don't keep him, we just let him in on days with bad weather, when he's hungry, or whenever he just wants to rest inside. My brother doesn't like his meow, which is kind of quiet,broken and high-pitched.I think something may have damaged his vocal cords. Anyway, he's basically all my responsibility now. Because of that, I'm changing his name.He doesn't respond do anything yet, so it doesn't matter much, I would just rather call him Huckle. Because he looks like Huckle from that kids' show.

So uhh...yeah.

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Anonymous said...

Cats are so cute...I wish I still had my the most stupidest way ever. Poor kitty. Thats a strange name for a cat...however my cat was named Through up...because my brothers hated it and the cat was yellow looking. Their so mean.