Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's a bit confusing.

That is, the news.

On the news this morning were some local people participating in Pillsbury's bake off contest, and they demonstrated some of their cooking on air, all of them quite desperate to win the cash prize.
But what confuses me is why they're so desperate to win the prize. I mean, they were from some pretty ritzy places: One guy was from Devon, another from Warwick, one lady was from Strafford, I think There was a lady from somewhere near Merion, but I don't remember exactly where. (Maybe it was Gladwyne?) That's some pretty good money*! I don't see what the desperation is about, unless they just like attention.** Or just love cooking. Or Pillsbury. Or attention. (Did I say attention?)

*Though, admittedly, my definition of 'good money' is pretty loose.

**Or attention.

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Anonymous said...

The news is really annoying. The weather guy said it was going to be raining cats and dogs. That there would be thunder and lighting. So when I wake up its just another sunny day. So what was that all about? They put anything on the news now.*Frowns*