Friday, March 12, 2010

The Preparation for Communion.

It saddens me that so very few Catholics use the proper preparation for communion. It's bad enough that we have a non-fast of only one hour, but now, the traditional preparation for communion has fallen out of favor. Parts of it are still said today by many priests and laity (e.g., the prayers of St.Thomas Aquinas, the prayer to the Blessed Virgin and to S.Joseph, sometimes the prayer to the Holy Trinity) But the full version, with daily psalms, antiphons, versicles and the sequence of collects to the Holy Spirit is very rarely used, much less the versions of it used in other rites (e.g., the Sarum rite with the Veni Creator Spiritus and collect, or the Carcassonne version, which is the same as the Roman version, but with different psalms.) A version of it now exists in the 2002 Roman Missal, but I don't know many who use it. Which is a shame, because it's a beautiful composition, and so many spiritual doctors and saints of the church have used it and reccomended it as a vigil before receiving communion. Maybe if it was more availble, it'd be used more.

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