Friday, March 12, 2010

Damn printer.

These past two days, I have been going through the WORST computer hell that I've even experienced.

So, I bought some ink for my Kodak ESP-3 yesterday. This is NOT a printer I would have wanted, but my dad thought it was a good deal and bought it. Well, I got home with the ink yesterday at around 2:30 PM. I worked on the printer attempting to print things until well after 12:30 midnight. Straight.Without a break. And no dinner. The stupid thing only printed blank sheets, one after another.Then It finally printed, but it printed so lightly that I thought I was looking at the reverse side of my sheets where the ink might have soaked through.I of course turned them over expecting to see the real images, only to find that this light, almost invisible thing WAS the image. It didn't print any text either. I did test sheets from the control panel, same thing. The printer does nothing whatever when I clicked the 'maintenance' icon.After the first three hours, I got an acceptable print. The images were a bit lighter than I would have wanted, and the text was a bit small, but I can live with the first and I can change the second.
So we're good, right?
Immediately after that, I tried to print my document. Blank pages and almost invisible images yet again. I spent the next few hours changing the settings, checking to make sure the cartridges were in place properly, making sure the printer head was in right, etc. Same problems. Around 12:36, I quit and went to bed.
Then I overslept and missed mass and the office.
I decided again to see what I could do. I went back to Kodak's diagnostic site.The first test did nothing to help. Some Google searching made me think that the printer head might be dried out.I took it out and looked at it.
It is most definitely Not dried out.
I let the printer clean it automatically about three times.Tried to print again, but still not different. The tech sites I visited suggested that it might be clogged or dirty, not dried out. Too bad the 'maintenance' icon is unresponsive, else the printer could have cleaned the printer head itself.
So I fiddled around and worked with things till around 11:36 today.

Then, an epiphany.

I went back to Kodak's site and went through the step-by-step solutions and repair a second time.This time, however, the things it suggested were exactly what my problems were. They prompted me to print a demo sheet. It came out okay. So I tried to print my document, same problems. I went back and changed one answer, and continued. Once again, the suggested errors were exactly what was actually happening. They said that the printer head is defective, and once I supplied the correct information, a new one would be sent to me free of charge.

I hope to God that It works, because It'll take me forever to attempt to hand copy those chants. I doubt I'll get it done in time.
And yes, please, please, please answer the post above this.


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