Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Feline hymn, Part I

My sources must remain anonymous*, but here's the lyrics, which can be sung to the tune "Rockingham." (Or This.)

When I take rest upon my bed
And lie in wait til dawn of day
The dark of night about my head
Till dawneth morning's piercing ray

A nightly visit I receive
The guest so small and ever bright
whose visit causeth me to grieve
That sleep's embrace should leave before light

My little one doth come and cry
across the hill,outside our wall
Through cloak of night sendeth his sigh
That I should rise and hear his call

Though it be late, yea early right
he crieth that I may be wooed
To rise and grant the gift he likes
A bowl o'erfowing with kitty food

Should I ignore his cries and keep,
My comfort in sleep's sweet embrace:
he will not fear displeasure to shew,
by noise and clamour till I weep.

And raising from my weary rest,
Should fill his dish with danties fair,
and keep the vigil with my guest
till full, he sleep, in silence rare.

Let not his innocence deceive,
for he in want doth freely annoy,
by meows, and growls, and taketh his leave
only when food fulfills his joy.

In night, fear not when rings the crash
for theif and robber here are not,
The hungry feline now doth dash,
about the house and things doth knock.

O grant us Lord, who keep a cat,
thy stedfast patience while we rest:
that they whose care we daily keep
May prove us patient until death

Praise we the Triune Deity,
ruling the Orb in all his ways,
who grants his creatures surety
of food from owner all his days.

I just can't figure out why this was'nt in the English language edition of the Liturgy of the hours.

*For now at least.

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