Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The City of Philadelphia.

Today, I went to Centre City to pay the electric bill. Said bills usually come in the mail a few days before it's due, but thanks to our Wonderful city, it never came. I knew the bill was due today however, so, account number in hand, I went to the PECO office, expecting the usual hell that is anything related to the government of the City of Philadelphia. I was a bit shocked though. There was no line, and very few people waiting. There was one lady at the front desk, and me being naive, I got in the non-existent line and stood waiting for her to get finished.The lady at the desk calls: "Sir! Did you take a number?" She points to a sign conveniently located above the revolving entrance doors, where no one can see it. I hadn't, so I leave the non-existent line to go get a number, which she immediately calls.
After which, I have her my account number. "Are you sure the bill is due today?", she says.
Yes, I know it's due today. It's always due on the 23rd.

Without exception.
Is today the 23rd? Why yes, yes it is! Then the bill is due.

She finds the account, prints me a bill and sends me to the window across the room to pay the bill. "Oh sorry, I can't take $10 bills.", says the teller.Now I have to fish around for a $20, when I was so set on paying in exact change like I pay for almost everything.
Finally, I get the bill paid and leave, but not without being told "Sir! You can't go around the ropes! You have to go through them, the way you came in."

Good thing there were no useless rules to deal with!

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