Wednesday, March 3, 2010


....So Blick is having a 20% off sale this Friday-Sunday.My brother convinced me to not buy what I was going to buy yesterday, and instead come on Friday, But I figure that I only plan to buy four markers, and that's about $8.00. Am I really going to wait that long to save about $1.40? Usually, I'd say no.
While we were out, I saw the perfect pairs of headphones on sale for two for $20.And I know that I don't need them, and that I could use the money for something more important, but I'll never see them at a price like this ever. Especially since one runs retail for $40 and the other $55. It's a major discount. I guess I should be honest and admit that only one of them, I'm buying purely for music tastes. AKG K26Ps have a great bass region, which is the one thing I look for in headphones. They also reproduce highs well too, which means it's perfect for the kind of music I listen to.And like the adverts for most closed circumraural phones say, these prevent sound leakage, But these actually do it, not just say it. None of this is from firsthand experience though, it's based on reviews I've read.The other kind is Skullcandy, which I've refused to buy because they break easily, they have an abysmal bass and bad highs, but the mid range is okay.
But hey, I'f I can buy them, I'll find out.
And I'll probably never be able to afford those Sennheisers anyway.

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