Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, since I'm currently obsessed with TWEWY, I think I'm going to (when I get the time) draw something. I really want to do Beat and Rhyme, But I'm out of the right color marker for Rhyme (unless I want to make her magenta, Pepto-Bismol or Hot pink.) Beat seems easy, since he's similar to the way Seifer was dressed in Kindgom Hearts II. There are'nt any good references for him on dA, I already checkes. Most of the things people have draw are sort of low-quality fan pictures, copied directly from Googled images, either in pencil or crayon, or done on the computer. All a bit sloppy.*
Now I just have to go steal a pose.

*Not that I have a right to call other people's work sloppy.

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Anonymous said...

I drew a chibi picture of Rhyme before when I got bored. Rhyme and Beat are the coolest characters on TWEWY. I bet your drawing is going to come out great!