Friday, March 5, 2010

I guess it's sorta-kinda a compliment.

The fact that I can't go out in public without the police asking how old I am and what school I go to and why I'm not in school.And don't think that having an i.d. on me does anything to help. These public schools are so bad that it wouldn't be a surprise for someone OLDER than me to be in high school still.
Still, it is annoying.The library refuses to let me in until after 3:30, when the schools let out.Personally, I can't see why anyone would skip school to go the library.It's like breaking out of jail so that you can spend the day in a holding cell at the police station. Anyway, this whole getting-mistaken-for-a-junior-in-high school thing happens to me on the way how from weekday mass almost every time I go. I'm tempted to make up a personage and go along with it some day.
But that's probably illegal, besides possibly being a (venial) sin, and I don't want anymore Any jail time.

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St. Michael the Archangel said...

Welcome to my life! I am 28 and don't look a day over 16.. or so I am told! I get carded and insulted all the time.. I just enjoy it and laugh it off.. God is good to keep me lookin so young for so long!