Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chant: Tenebrae for the Triduum.

I did'nt do it last week, and time is running out for me to get together the chants for Holy Week.
This was last year's stuff. Most of it is the same, but there are a few changes.

Maundy Thursday:
At Lauds:
Antiphon:Vide, Domine
Psalm: Miserere; Tonus 8.G
Antiphon:Exhortatus est:
Canticle: Deducant oculi mei lacrimam; Tonus 4 A*
Antiphon; Cibavit nos Dominus
Psalm: Iubilate Domino; Tonus 8 G.
Capitulum Videmus Iesum
Responsorium Redemisti nos Domine, in tono versiculo.
Antiphon Desiderio desideravi;
Canticum Benedictus ; Tonus 1.g;
Preces:Recto tono, in a low voice
Pater noster: Tonus simplex

Good Friday:
At Lauds:
Antiphon:Proprio Filio suo
Psalm:Miserere mei;Tonus 7.c
Antiphon Dum conturbata fuerit
Canticum: Domine audivi auditionem tuam; Tonus 1.f
Antiphon: Crucem tuam adoremus, Domine,
Psalm: Lauda Ierusalem Dominum; Tonus 8.G
Capitulum Ecce prospere aget
Antiphon: Christus factus est pro nobis;
Antiphon:Posuerunt super caput eius
Canticum Benedictus; Tonus 1.g
Preces: Recto tono, low voice
Pater noster: Tonus simplex

Holy Saturday :
At Lauds:
Antiphon: Plagent eum;
Psalm: Exaudi Deus ; Tonus 7.b
Antiphon: A porta inferi;
Canticum: Ego dixi in dimidio dierum meorum; Tonus 2.D
Antiphon:O vos omnes
Psalm: Laudate Dominum; Tonus 8.c
Capitulum : Dicit Dominus: in tribulatione sua
Antiphon: Christus factus est pro nobis;
Antiphon:Mulieres sedentes
Canticum Benedictus;Tonus 1.g
Preces: Recto tono
Pater noster: Tonus simplex.

My dad is supposed to get back his camera that he let someone borrow some many months ago. Hopefully, I can record parts of the office.
You can see that some of the psalms and/or antiphons are different than those from last year. That's because I discovered two resourced that I had never heard of until recently: namely, the Ordo Cantus Officii, and rubric 274 of the Liturgia Horarum*. The former giving the actual proscribed antiphons for the sung office, some of which differ from those in the breviary, and the latter giving permission for one to select any other appropriate antiphon when there is no chant available for the one given in the breviary. To these, I also decided to take advantage of the rubric in the brveiary which allows one to use the psalms of Friday week III on Holy Thursday. That way, the miserere which was traditionally recited daily at lauds during the triduum will be used as it traditionally was.

Ha! You thought I was going to say Rubric IX.

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