Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Laetare Ierusalem..

Et omnes qui diligitis eam."
-Introit for Laetare Sunday/AKA Rose Sunday, i.e., Hooray for mid-lent!

And this reminded me that the candles are getting a little short and will need replacing soon.Hopefully, they'll last till the Saturday before Passion Sunday. I can't believe that Passion Sunday and Passiontide is only a week away.

The Liturgical Year, Dom. Prosper Gueranger.

"This Sunday, called, from the first word of the Introit, Laetare Sunday, is one of the most solemn of the year. The Church interrupts her Lenten mournfulness; the chants of the Mass speak of nothing but joy and consolation ; the Organ, which has been silent during the preceding three Sundays, now gives forth its melodious voice; the Deacon resumes his Dalmatic, and the Subdeacon his Tunic ; and instead of purple, Rose-coloured Vestments are allowed to be used. These same rites were practised in Advent, on the third Sunday, called Gaudete. The Church's motive for introducing this expression of joy in to-day's Liturgy, is to encourage her Children to persevere fervently to the end of this holy Season. The real Mid-Lent was last Thursday, as we have already observed ; but the Church, fearing lest the joy might lead to some infringement on the spirit of penance, has deferred her own notice of it to this Sunday, when she not only permits, but even bids, her children to rejoice !"

O God, who through thy Word dost wondrously bring about the reconciliation of men; grant, we pray thee: That thy Christian people, prompted by willing devotion, may hasten to the coming solemnities with a lively faith. Through Our Lord."
-Collect of the day, 2002 Roman Missal,


Michael said...

Oooo! Is this your domestic oratory? It's very smart.

Joe S.R. said...

Yes it is! Over the past few years, I've collected a few different things that I use in it. So far, I have cloths for all the liturgical colors except black.
Most of the things on it change throughout the year.The only things that never move are my picture of the Holy Face (which you can't see in the picture)my statue of the virgin (which I hadn't put back on at the time) and my (semi-miraculous) cross.
The room also doubles as my art room.(Because it's the brightest room in the house.)