Friday, March 5, 2010

Saint Joseph.

I almost forgot that March is the month traditionally dedicated to St. Joseph. Yeah, I know, bad placement since it's in lent, but since the feast of his Patronage in April was suppressed, the only other option is the feast of St.Joseph The Worker in May, which is Mary's month.

St.Joseph is one of my patron saints, at least for the past two years. I usually try to keep Wednesdays in honor of St.Joseph by saying the litany of St.Joseph before mass, the chaplet of St.Joseph after mass, and some prayers at his shrine in the church.I'm very lucky that one of my confirmation presents was a booklet of prayers to St.Joseph, which I didn't use at first, but now do. I also received a Cord of St.Joseph, which I now wear daily. I try to encourage other people to wear one, but everyone's not into that sort of thing.

Now it's time for the annual novena. Read this, I'll hopefully be able to post the prayers daily.

Last year's Triddum in Honour of St.Joseph:
Day One
Day Two
Day Three.

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