Friday, March 5, 2010


I spent the day running errands.I was out of the house after terce (Around 10:15) I bought four markers from Blick, because they were on sale. I wasted some time at Border's reading Eyeshield 21,vol 24, Gin Tama vol.2 and some random stuff. Then off to buy bleach and supplies to clean the kitchen. Then the organ concert at Wanamaker's*. Then to buy new headphones.Only the guy at FYE would'nt let me in because he thought I was cutting school. No matter, I bought a better pair somewhere else. (Or at least relatively better...more on that later.) Then, with all the stuff in my backpack, a trip to buy pillowcases,tablecloths and dish detergent.(And where I found some unbleached candles.I bought them, and I'll save them for Holy Week. Then, having been distracted, a visit to another department store to buy a new skillet and make a return for something we bought a few weeks back. Then a visit to the Blessed Sacrament at St.John's on 13th street.Then home. Then to the market to buy cat food,litter, and fruit juice. Vespers, dinner and compline when I got home.** I had a terrible headache again, so I missed the First Friday at the parish.
And that was basically the whole day.

*Okay, yeah, it has'nt been Wanamaker's for a long time now, but my family alway's called it Wnamaker's.Even when it was Lord and Taylor, we still called it Wanamaker's. Force of habit, I guess.

**And I saw Adam testing out this really cool looking DJ maching that they claim can replace a turntable, but I forget it's name.Something to do with monkeys.***

***No, it has nothing to do with Monchichis.Please never mention those.

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