Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is probably a Bad thing.

Well, I'm using my friend's old hotmail account because I can't recover the info for mine. Anyway, after I deleted all his interest tags, I started putting in mine, and I got into a bit of a quandry.
Do you put Organ music or Organisation first, if you're doing it alphabetically? See, I thought first that it's obviously organisation, but then, I realised that technically organ music is a compound word. So you count the character after the 'organ-' part of the word. So it's still organisation, right? But what it you count the space as the character after the first word? Then organ music goes first, right? But a compound word is one word made of two words. It's still just one word, so you just go to the 'm', and organisation comes first, right? But then, since organisation etymologically comes from two words*, does'nt that sort of make it a compound word too? But which part do you count as the first part? But etymology =/= meaning, so I left out that last part.So let's just put 'organisation' first and call it a day. But what if it's wrong and someone notices! O, the Irony of saying that one loves organisation in a sentence that is incorrectly organised! I won't alow it! Not even the possibility!
In the end, I left both out.
I should probably go back and get this checked out too.

*I think.My dictionaries and my dictionary program say that it comes from Greek and Latin roots, but I think that it really only comes from the Latin root. That's just me, and I'm not an English student or anything like that.

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