Sunday, January 30, 2011


(Click for full size, In case you want to know why Thor should be muc better than Ironman, considering it has a better premise.)

Anyway, I saw a preview for this movie (The long awaited Thor movie) yesterday and I was so excited I wanted to hit someone, only my only options were my fellow postulant and an angry looking man and his girlfriend to the right, so I thought that that might not be a good idea. I kind of value being alive and all that. I did do my happy dance interiorly though. (Obviously, I wouldn't do it. It's against decorum for soon-to-be religious to dance.)

Well,anyway, I'll probably not get to see this movie, even though I was one of those weird fanboys that was circulating and discussing rumours about this online back when the second Ironman movie was still in prodution. Part of me wants there to be a Green Arrow movie too, but he's probably not considered popular enough to have his own.

Oh yes, for your entertainment, I have another image to share:

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