Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Band.

I've fallen in love with Parkway Drive.

Don't look them up if you're faint of heart. But it ought'nt be a surprise to anyone who knows me, since I don't make it a secret that the only non-sacred music I love is all heavy, heavy music. I honestly don't know how it came about that this is the music that I learned to love. Growing up as a little one, we (That is, my older brothers, sister and I ) were never allowed to listen to any type of secular music. If we liked a genre, we had to listen to it's gospel or Christian counterpart, not originals. (I think this is how I came to dislike Christian rock,among many other reasons.)

I think it started in seventh grade, when I was still in my not-so-religious stage, and I was drawn by the lyrics which kind of resonated with how I was feeling back then. Then, after my initial conversion, I kind of put it away. Not only because some of the lyrics and the artists probably weren't appropriate. I think It was my brother and a good friend I had in ninth grade that convinced me that it was okay. That, and I fell in love with two Christian punk bands.

And now... I have Ben Van Oosten and Black Flag on the same playlist,and Linkin Park follows Langlais. Funny, innit?

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