Monday, January 3, 2011

Mind Changing events.

(The Cross as the Tree of Life, something I did last month)

Without gloating, I think I'm starting to think like a religious. That does'nt mean that I act like one, of course. It just means that I've learned some basic things, and those things will have to chanhe my actions.

The biggest thing is that I realise now that I'll have to give up on art, probably entirely, or at least restrict myself to religious subjects. I've realised that there is no point in me drawing secular subjects. Many of the subjects don't glorify God, and there's the simple fact that I cannot draw without refrence photos. To find reference photos, I have to trawl through pages of photos on stock photo sites or Deviant art. If you don't understand what I'm getting at, just go to your average stock photo site, like istockphoto or Getty images and search any term and see what type of things you get.

That, and some of the pictures I draw don't make sense without lenghty explanation. While me and me friends understand why I drew a pictures, for example, like This One, others won't. People who don't know that Annoh is my friend, who I talk to on Gaia Online, and that on Gaia, there is this thing called avatar art , or 'avi art' for short, where you draw someone's virtual avatar and they pay you in virtual currency, people who don't know that will just thing that I drew a random violent picture of a criminal. Or, if they don't know about the Double Rainbow video, and how Gaia made an Item for it that you can equipt on your avatar, they'll see somthing like This and think that it's an approval for alternative lifestyles.

So yes, as it is a vehicle for scandal, and possibly a near occassion of sin for others, I ought to stop. I think I'll just finish the 10 or 11 comissions that I have in progress and then take a break while I decide what to do with all the avi art and secular comissions that I have in my portfolio.

And also, the importance of cultivating a spirit of poverty, Which means, I probably can't draw anyway since markers are expensive, and drawing requires the use of expensive digital editing programs, and letting other people know that I have any of that stuff can be a cause for scandal ,and it's probably just not right for me to own expensive things like sets of copic markers of multiples copies of photoshop*

Of course, this could all just be me going to the extreme and I could end up changing my mind anyway. But like I said, 10 or 11 comissions and then I'll see where I'm going with this.
*Which, by the way, I don't own.

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