Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I just had a crazy idea, that will probably fail in the end, but I still want to try it. Lets organize a petition to re-open a closed Philadelphia church, as a personal parish for the tridentine mass.
I'm serious. Let's write a nice, well thought out letter, with cited sources, and give it to the chancery and Cardinal Rigali, asking them to set one up. We have to face the simple fact, that none of the parishes that offer the EF are in easily accessibly places, or places that are though of as safe by our more suburban friends. Option #1 is Assumption BVM. It's a huge, beautiful gothic church on Spring Garden, that is still in good condition, considering its been closed since 1995. It's four blocks away from the orange line, and three buses that run on Broad. There are also buses that run directly along Spring garden, and the Orange Line is connected with the El, which is connected to more buses and trolleys than I can count. Its not very far from center city.
Option #2 is old Holy trinity. Also, in good condition, as well as being very famous, and easily accessible. Right now, its technically still open, but doesn't function as a parish.
If you are interested in organising a petition, send me an e-mail. Please tell all your friends! (And enemies too, of they might be interested.)

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