Friday, July 18, 2008

More great lioturgy.

The Holy fathers WYD Mass. I loved the Amen at the end of the canon, and its given me ideas for a composition. (NLM coverage. Credits to them for the photo also.)
Other bibs and boobs:
The new altar: Yes, its permanent and VP, but its pretty nice.
The music: I could just die from the beauty of the chant and polyphony! If only our local cathedral would do such music!
Aside from that. I expect to me serving at a funeral mass this coming Monday. I have no idea what to do, as Ive never been to a funeral using the new missal, only a few requiems that used the American missal. Ill be serving a wedding too.
As to when I'm finishing my series on the mass, I do another post tomorrow.

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