Monday, July 28, 2008

Barton Forever!

... Just to remind you all that I'm not at all an adult, on one of those sites that I have an account at, last Monday started our Rejected Olympics. I jonied Barton of course, because it's the best town in my view. I figured we would lose like we did in the summer games last year, but apparently... we may have won.
Yes. Won. As in beating Durem, the meanest most annoying team that has ever won since we started annual summer games.
But it might be a trick.
It's called "The Rejected Olympics",because our country was apparently rejected when we tried to apply for the Olympics. So, since Aekea lost, they are the rejects. So that might mean that the losers are the winners, and the winners are the losers. But that would mean that Aekea loses, since they win, and Barton wins since they lose. But that goes Ad Circulum , ad infinitum. So I don't know who wins. We have to wait for the solemn announcement from our sovereign lord, and ruler of Gaia, Lanzer the First.

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