Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anothe milestone

The kittens are no longer a secret. Mom knows, and she isn't mad, thank God.

Yesterday, four of them successfully used the litter box o the first time. The only one who hasn't is the small white one with striped spots (The hyper one)He hasn't gotten used to it yet. I've got them a new, larger play-pen to stay in. Dahlia is continuing to wean them, but she still pops in to feed them every now and again.

Meanwhile, they're beginning to show their personalities.The large, giant, fuzzy grey one is lazy. He sleeps most of the time and does'nt like excitement. He does,however, like to wrestle with his brother, the black one.The grey and white one is hyper.He plays, and wrestles, and runs around all the time.He doesn't like to stay still. He looks like his fathe, Tidus, but he acts nothing like him.The all-grey striped one hates being in the pen. He's been trying to get away since he could walk. He's a little better now that he has a pen big enough to run around and play in.The black one likes to wrestle with the grey one, and he seems to be developing the fastest. He only eats solid food, and was the first to use the litter-box. I don't know much about the black-and-white one, though. I know she's a girl, but that's all.

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