Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today, I discovered a new manga.

My brother, who hangs out over at Sherdog*, was shown some MMA mangas in a thread. I don't really tell very many people, but I've been a faithful MMA fan for the past two or three years. I even planned to take some classes, just for fun**, but they fell through.

Anyway, the one pictured above is the one I'm talking about: All-Rounder Meguru. The art is breathtaking, and the plot is very good, though there may be one or two possible cliches in there. What really grabbed me was the writers knowledge of MMA. The fights are quite realistic, and he often shows that he knows his stuff by referencing little-known techniques or the perfect technique for a particular situation. I'm learning from it the same way I learned from Eyesheild 21 and Oofuri.

Anyway, it's been Scanlated over at Manga Fox.


*On that note, I really need to get an account over at Sherdog.

**If you can really call that 'fun' per se.

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