Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amazing new church...

Why...it looks like a church! it doesn't look like a garage,or a public storage, or the city toilets. It looks ... amazing! People sau that we can't build churches like this anymore. I'm convince that that's pure bollocks. Look at Mothe angelica's shrine, and this church. If, God forbid, after I enter, I'm assigned to a modern, ugly pseudo-church, you can bet I'll scrap it and rebuild it with something like this. And don't tell it it's too expensive. My parish church was built 150 years ago by dirt poor Irish factory workers. You can see from the parish records that some people literally contributed pennies to pay for a side altar, or a window, or some stenciling.

Look at this new … I repeat… new… baldachino.

Go over to NLM for more.

Also,compare the Baldachinno with the one at our cathedral in philadelphia. Unfortunately, you can't see the details like the mosaics underside the dome. Another nice photo


Anthony said...

I can't tell you how many non-Catholic friends that I've invited to church that come away stunned at how similar our churches look to their Methodist and Baptist churches (except for the small crucifix carried up top the altar by the servers of course).

Non-Catholics want Catholic churches to look like the Catholic churches they've seen in the movies.

Most Cathlics want Cathlic churches to look like those we've seen int he movies.

While I love the old center city churches built 100+ years ago, you should have to go downtown just to find a Cathlic church that still looks vaguely Cathlic.

This new church that you've posted on shows what our churches can be again.

Anthony said...

need to remember to put that 'o' in Catholic.

Anthony said...

There is a God in Heaven!

The church (in Memphis)that my brother in law got married in looked more like the conference room at the HoJo than a Catholic church, but the times they are a changing.

'70s era crap is being torn down and replaced with this:


Much improved!