Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The organ I practice on

It's crap. But then It's not Crap.
Why do I say it's crap?
It's an 1894 John Mudler organ,14 stops, (originally 16).
Why do I say it's crap? It's not been tuned,nor had any work in eight years. The only pedal stops are a 15'bourdan, and an 8'Violoncello. There used to be a 32' Subbass, but they took it out in the twenties. The two reeds (Trumpete and Hautbois) don't fully function. The pedals dont fully function, and when one connects the swell/great to the pedal, some notes don't connect. The Bourdon 16' that had been on the swell was also taken out.

But why do I love it?
It has those wonderful romantic 8' open diapasons, and the swell action is amazing. It's tracker action too, and the reeds are French. The pedalboard is in the flat, early classical style.

Sp what would I do for it?
Tune it, fix the action, put the bourdon and the subbass back in, and maybe see if there;s room for a bombarde 16' (I doubt it)

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