Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Confession

That's actually one of the confessionals at the cathedral here,but I did make my first confession. But stupid me forgot three sins.But I don't know if they were mortal sins. Someone should make a list of mortal sins! D<
I guess I should try again?
anyway, I did my penance, and said the seven penitential psalms, and the litany of the saints (Since it is an ember day.)
Now, for confirmation and first communion.

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Festes said...

Confession is only for BELIEVERS in GOD and are afraid of GODS wrath
and going to hell when they die.I will NEVER CONFESS my SINS.The only time i enter a confessional is to take a PISS.Have PISSED in the confessional many times.
I am CATHOLIC believe in GOD,HEAVEN & HELL but have no fear of GOD or going to HELL.I have committed the VILEST SINS against GOD that you could think of and i am PROUD of them.So proud that i have a blog where i post my SINS against GOD for the WORLD to see.Come take a look see