Thursday, February 21, 2008

'Tat' and the theology of the mass.

I guess it's no secret that I'm a 'tat queen' (ie, one of those who love pretty vestments, good music, and the best liturgy in general) I've actually been verbally attacked for this, called a shallow fool once. But why am I like this? Why do I want chant over glory and praise? Why would I rather buy a green gothic high mass set with gold thread and embroidered pictures of the evangelists and the crucifixion, when the polyester is cheaper? Is it because I like frilly pretty things? No.
What's with my standards of reverence? My criticism of informal styles of celbrating mass, and things done in bad taste. m I just a critical person? No.
Do you want to know what's up with it all? It all has to do with theology, and How I hold the mass.

It's no secret, that I believe in transubstantation, and that the mass is a true, real, substantial, and mystical sacrifice, as taught by the council of Trent and the Second Vatican Council. This being the teaching of the church, that the mass is an event which transcends both time and space, an expression of out belief in the communion of saints, Truly, you can learn the faith from the mass. (Which is why wee need proper translations. None of that semi-pelagianism I've noticed before.)
The mass is so awesome. It should be treaed as the awesome mystery, the gift it is.
So I hold the mass in highest esteem,but many do not. Sadly, at the close of the council, many libreal theologians gijacked the teachings of the church. They threw away magisterial teaching for their own opinions, and this affected the mass. People loss the fact that the mass is primarily vertical. We offer our sacrifice of praise to God, and the Eucharistic sacrifice. The community became the focus (Hence the ubiquitous people's altar, in the midst of the church) the clerical priesthood began to be de-emphasized, instead the common priesthood became the focus of the liturgical action. And if is from these misguided ideas that many of the current illicit liturgical practices came.
Infidelity to the magisterium and the apostolic see produced communion in the hand, female altar servers, and to some extent, the fact that there are several Eucharistic prayers in the missal.
So, I see traditional worship, worship where God is truly the focus in more way than one, as an expression of fidelity to he church. I want the priest to be clothed in the best vestmens becasue he acts in persona christi capitas, I want gold covered patens, chalices, ciboriums and those silly little communion plates out of respect for the Eucharistic species.
Now before you go out and say "Well, that's all purely subjective! We can't all change to meet your desires, or your teaching.!!11one1!" What I believe is what the church herself teaches. And what I see as good liturgical practise is what the church herself sees as good liturgical practice. I'm not the only one who says to use communion plates,gilded vessels, amices, six (seven) candles and chalice veils. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Redemptionis Sacramentum, and numerous other liturgical documents both before and after the council say so. So Please don;t tell me I'm some empty,vain, shallow tat queen. It's only the product of my (and the church's) High understanding of the nature of the mass.
I;m tired. I need bed. Goodnight!

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Anthony said...

Last weekend, our priest's chasuble looked like nothing more than an ugly corduroy velour curtain. Hideous! Hideous!