Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yeah, so that's obviously not me.The confirmation was simply amazing!
The procession began, to the strains of a wonderful choral setting of "Ecce Sacerdos", then the ymn "Forty days and forty night" (I LOVE that tune!). The Kyrie was from Byrd III, the psalm was sung to one of the gregorian psalm tones. The tract was taken from the kyrie of the missa orbis factor. "If ye love me", of tallis was the offertory, the sanctus was taken from the requiem mass,as was the agnus dei. Byrd's Ave Verum was the communion motet. There were other things I liked, namely:
The little silver plate for the Cardinal's zuchetto.
*Two deacons!
* A Master of ceremonies in cassock and surplice.
His Eminence have a good (but quite long) Homily, and then came the confirmation. I smiled, I was happier than words could express, to her those words " N,Be sealed with the gift f the holy spirit".
Okay, he did'nt actually call me "N" , but It would have been hilarious if I had put that on the little embossed cards with out saint's names on them. Who did I chose? Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, the saint of the holy souls in purgatory,naturally.
So we had to wear awkward red graduation gowns.
Then came the communion, but I'll talk about my first (And second) Communion later. To top it off, someone I know from school was there! His sister got confirmed! So the word will be out that I'm a Papist. I got many congrats, was invited to be an altar server (of course I'm gonna do it!) And even got a beautiful cross with icons on it as a confirmation gift. And a kiss on the cheek from one of the adult confirmandi (I won't say her name either), since of course, my own mother declined to come.
So I'm In. Full communion that is.
I can nurse at the sacramental breasts of holy mother church, and know that I stand on the foundation of Peter.There are four marks of the church (Namely, that she is One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic) Such was the belief of our fathers, such is mine. But do you know to whom I attribute this gift to/ Do you know who I thank for helping me get into the church?
Why, our blessed lady. I did ask her to pray for my parents, that they would give me permission. And they did, so I owe her great devotion. And Truthfully, my devotion to her did grow very much.