Monday, August 25, 2008

Fr.J.Eddy's first Mass of Thanksgiving.

It was yesterday. I was there. I forgot to mention it. The brothers served, but with one of our regular boat-bearers as boat-bearer. I can't express my complete shock at how many people actually Sang at the mass. I Also attended said brother's diaconal ordination last year, with the missa de angelis sung. It was beautiful, with a luncheon in the parish all (So much for 'cookie reception' at Ivy Hall!) First blessings were given at a kneeler set up in the front, and yours truly got his in Latin. Yes! Because Everything is better in Latin. For real for real.
Also, I didn't talk too much about the altar server's rafting trip. I went, but the night before, I was terrified, and thinking of not going. I even had a dream where I was savagely attacked by a pack of bears, and drowned. Well, I changed my mind and went. Boring walk to the school+Lauds. Fun conversation in the school yard involving Cicadas. Boring car ride there, boring wait, almost funny pre-rafting instructions. Uncomfortable school bus ride to the river. Then came the river. It was shallow in some places, but extremely deep in others. Due to my traumatic drowning incident at age nine, I fear deep water, and had to sit in the middle of the raft away from the sides whenever the water got deeper than the paddle. Everyone went swimming. I can't swim. We got stuck on a lot of rocks, and during our water fights, I got water in my ears, and in my nose. When we went past the surprise rock, we hit the surprise. Two people got thrown off into te rapids. No one got hurt, but it was a scary experience. The raft that I was on reached shore second. Boring bus ride back to te start, Boring car ride home. Walk home+Vespers. Dinner. Compline+Bed.
Another thing to mention, there's two new novices in the Philadelphia Mercedarian community. Fun fellows.

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