Friday, August 1, 2008

Why do I only find the weird bloggers?

I've been spending the week using my interest tags to find fellow bloggers, and I noticed two trends:
1) People who like Gregorian chant tend to be under 35, often in their teens.

2) The people who like the same things as I do are WEIRD. I've come across clinically depressed people, racists , a schismatic bishop, a radical feminist who wasn't happy with one of my comments, and even a prostitute of all people. Why do I only meet weird people?
But then again, I'm a totally contradictory obsessive compulsive person, so I have no right to speak. But it isn't just blogging. in real life, I became friends with an anti-Catholic who didn't know I was Catholic, a guy who thinks we should drop nuclear bombs on the whole middle east, a skinhead, and a guy who gets drunk daily and recites all of "Green eggs ad ham." And that's just at school.
Speaking of school, We always get a new batch of transfers every year, so Let's see how this year goes (When the time comes) at good ol' CGA.(Cedar Grove Academy.)
Also known as ICHS.

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Miguel José Ernst-Sandoval said...

If you haven't already, make sure to read Thomas Day's "Why Catholics Can't Sing". It's a cheap and easy read written by a local Philadelphian. The last chapter has a whole paragraph on why the best churches attract the oddest folks. I suppose you can find some parallels with your above-mentioned experiences.