Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Please leave me alone.

Sometimes I really need to be alone to think or pray. Like an hour ago, when I was in a debate, and was trying to explain free will, the fall, and whether or not Adam/Eve were informed enough to be held accountable for disobeying God (Still not sure about the last one. Answers are greatly appreciated!)
It was hard enough to try to find a logical answer, but everyone seems to want to talk to me Right Now.
"Joey! come get dinner!"
"Joey! take out the trash!'
"Joey! let's go to Walgreens and get ice cream!"
"Joey! come look at this game!"
"Joey! which is sipping and handling?"
Then my older brother comes and plays his guitar in my room. Loudly. Dad is angry because dinner is getting cold, and Mom still wants the trash out. There's no way I can research this now, let alone argue any point wen I can't think. So I decided to leave the debate till later.
The letter 'H' is also broken on my laptop. So I might omit it here and there. You have been forewarned.

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