Wednesday, June 15, 2011


You know, I've been trying to get the box set of Oofuri episodes for almost three years now. At $50, they're WAY outta my price range. BUT THEN, A MIRACLE.

At a nameless store in Centre city, they HAD them. At $20! Perfect! Of course, I had no money. My brother told me that we could come back the next day, and that he'd buy it for me then. Se away we went, and the next day, we left early to go get them. But by then, they were gone. I frantically searched for one, but not a single copy of the boxed set was left. ALL GONE. Mind you, we got there 6 minutes before closing time and were actually kicked out because they were, y'know, closing. That means that in the space of the two and a half hours between the time the store opened and we got there, ALL OF THEM WERE SOLD.

I thought Philly kids did'nt like anime, much less obscure sports animes. D:

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