Saturday, June 25, 2011

I guess I should fess up.

As to what my friend, my brother and I did last Sunday. Obviously, I went to a series of conerts, but what I did'nt say was that the 'series of concerts' was actually Punk Island on governor's Island. It was amazing. I got to see In Circles, Bucket Flush, Common Enemy, and Disaster Strikes, among other bands that I wanted to see. It was a great day. I woke up at 5 and sang Matins and Lauds of Trinity Sunday. My brother and i grabbed some snacks from a gas station and caught the trolley from here to 3oth to catch the Megabus ($10 tickets!) After the bus ride, we rode trains to the ferry.

I had somehow forgotten my fear of large bodies of water until we got on the ferry. Luckily, my friend kept me busy talking, so no panic attack. We wandered around a bit, waiting for the bands to start playing, and ended up getting our pictures taken by some random lady. I don't know who she was or where they went, but she was polite and asked, so we obliged.

In Circles was the first band we saw. I loved the vocalist. Her singing was wonderful, I even loved her jokes and guitar tuning problems. After that, we saw The Homeless. That was an interesting act: A bass acoustic, a saxophone, a violin, a Washboard, and an accordion. The girl with the washboard and the violinist had the best voices. Too bad about Morning Glory and Stza Crack though. Shame they didn't come and Stza was there by himself.

But yeah, great stuff. I don't talk about it much, but I do have a bit of a history in punk music. Nothing amazing or spectacular, I was never in like some touring band or anything. But I wasn't straight-laced in high school, I was Straight-Edge. I'll leave you with that much.

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