Friday, December 5, 2008


I stopped by the Cathedral Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul today, and I have to say, I wasthoroughly shocked at the renovations that have gone on.
A few months ago, I saw the altar of the Holy Souls, and another altar covered in scaffolding. I feared that the two were being removed. Well, The altar of the holy souls was cleaned, restored, and the inscription was gilded (I think), and the tabernacle door has been taken to be cleaned and polished.
The other altar, however, was more or less intact, but the stone crucifix was removed and a statue of St.John Neumann put in it's place, looking very much original if I might add.There are new brass gates to the railing of this altar.
On the other side, there's a new traditional-looking statue of St.Katherine Drexel, where her altar always was. It's very beautiful, and also has had it's gates cleaned and polishes.
The bronze screen and gates to the baptistery are also being cleaned and polished.
There are two new white marble statues of Ss.Peter and Paul, St.Peter in the back of the south aisle, and St.Paul at the back of the north aisle. Very striking statues, almost baroque in execution.
But what really shocked me, almost knocking me off of my feet was what I saw at the new altar of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. It was vested in altar cloths, with two good-sized candles in ornate candlesticks, and a crucifix. To the right was a credence table with a cloth, and to the left was a smaller table, on which was placed a new Roman Missal on a stand. At the left, inside the altar railing was a small ambo with a lectionary. There were pads on the kneelers in front of the altar railing, and about 24 chairs set up in front of the altar facing it.
Apparently, a mass (or masses even) has been celebrated at the altar (pictured above.)
Interesting development. Maybe I could get some photos.

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