Sunday, December 14, 2008

*Dies from exhaustion*

I got very little sleep last night. Last night was my dad's play, and I went. It was supposed to begin at 8PM, but the doors didn't open till 9:26. We did'nt get out of the play till around 11:30, ad did'nt get home till after 1 AM. After having stayed up late on Friday to try out the new DSL, and waking up early on Saturday to go to the Salve Mass, Then waking up at 6:00 AM today to serve the EF mass at Lourdes, I feel like I could collapse. I know I made a lot of mistakes today that I usually would not make, Most of all, forgetting to lift the chasuble at the elevations , and coming up to the altar to get the missal the wrong way. I spoke to a guy who was about 23-24 years old, and who was attending an EF mass for the first time today. Like a lot of people,he had that strange mixture of confusion, unpreparedness, comfort and peace. You know, you're confused, and you're not sure whats going on, but you know somehow that it just 'fits'. that something is right and you can;t put your finger on it. Oftentimes though, confusion clouds it out.
Anyway, I know exactly what to buy for the giving tree. It's perfect. For someone my age, what could be more fun or exciting than some fresh, new volumes of manga?
I just don't know what to buy. I only have a week to decide.
I'm leaning towards Eyesheild 21, since it's my favorite and should be accessible to anyone.
Or, I could try Psychic Power Nanaki.
Ral&Grad is too adult for my tastes, and the storyline is'nt great so far, though the art is amazing.
Toto! Is another good choice, but volumes of it are impossible to find in bookstores.
One Piece is a classic, so I'll consider it.
Slam Dunk is another I could consider.
I know I'm getting a Kingdom Hearts manga, I just don't know whether to get KHI, KH Chain of Memories, or KHII.
We shall see. [Evillaugh]

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