Thursday, December 11, 2008


With the lights on.*
The south transept from the north transept

The door from the narthex to the nave, with the Mercedarian shield above it, and the door flaked by statues of St.Peter Nolasco and I think, St.Mary Cervellon.
St.Raphael's window shining onto the wall.
The high altar and sanctuary
The choir gallery and organ.
The twelfth station of the cross in the south transept.
St.Joseph in the south transept.
The church from the south transept.
The altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the rail, and the pulpit from the north aisle.
The baptismal font in the north transept, with the baptism of Christ by St.John the baptist on the font cover.
St.Patrick above the baptismal font. Those interested in ecclesiatical vesture will note the conical chasuble, pontifical dalmatic, and the cloth with which he holds his crozier.
A second picture of the sanctuary.

*Photo credit.


Anthony said...

Wow! You have a beautiful church. Mine, on the other hand, was built in the '90s, but it looks at though it was designed in the '70s.

A church's architecture should inspire the believer even if he doesn't want to be inspired. too much of what was built post VIInot only fails to inspire, but actually distracts from the practice of the faith.

Joe! said...

It wasn't always this beautiful though! The tabernacle had been removed, the pinnacles on the altar removed, and all the painting and stenciling on the walls painted over with beige. Some of the stuff, like the pulpit, parts of the side altars, and the shield above the door are new and were never there.

My old church wasn't much. It was a white oval with no decoration at all.