Saturday, December 6, 2008

Confirmed: They do it.

Yup. They do celebrate masses at the side altars lining the aisles at the Cathedral. I stopped by again with the intention of taking pictures (But forgot my camera D: ) and the mass schedule says that Monday-Friday, daily masses are offered at the side altars. Of course, these altars are against the wall, so this necessitates facing the liturgical east. (ie, Ad Orientem.)
I'll stop by for one on Tuesday to see how they do it.
I stopped by today. It was ad orientem. Small group of people, chalice veils, priest needs to work on elevating the Host and Chalice higher. I.G.M.R. says that he shows them to the people. If they're so low, they're only at chest level, we can't see that. Other than that little nitpick, great. I'll go back tomorrow.
.........But.........there was one thing that disturbed me a little.
The lady next to me kept forcing inclusive language on the responses (ex:"May God accept the sacrifice at our(Not in the text) hands, for the praise and glory of God's name, for our good and that of all of God's church.") And when the priest said "The Lord be with you" She muttered "God" over Lord, which besides being heretical sounds kinda weird. She also did this whenever the word "Father" occurred.
What's with her? Did she fail in grade school when they told as about Pronouns, personal and not personal? Did she ignore her Schoolhouse Rock tapes? Flash cards not working?
It seems everyone but so-called liberal catholics know that English grammar points out repetition of certain proper nouns as redundant, and in some cases, even wrong. Sheesh, they invented pronouns for a reason.

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