Sunday, December 14, 2008

I know what manga to get now.

Ookiku furikabutte!
Also known by a shorter name, Oofuri. I love the art and the story so far, but something about it seems to be going SA, like Psychic Power Nanaki. If you don't beleive me, Deviantart search 'Mihashi', and how many arts there are of the two main characters. Ick.
Wait- Why is this beginning to look a lot less like what three books I should buy for someone else, and more like a list of all the series that I do not own, wish I did own, and sometimes cannot find except on One Manga?

I have to stop by walgreen's to buy pencil sharpeners, because I have a big English grammar assignment I was supposed to work on, (read the paragraph, identify 50 grammar observations and questions for each observation.)band a commission to finish. Someone wanted a picture of the annunciation, and while I could have recycled one I drew two years ago, I had a genius Idea for S.Gabriel.
Admittedly, I think I drew him wrong. He looks like S.Michael. But then again, no one knows what they look like anyway.

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