Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sorry, you're too stupid to talk theology.

"Yeah, all of you. If you're young that is. You see, people under the age of 40 can't understand what salvation and all that hard stuff means. But, we all know that every time you meet a young adult or a teenager, they're talking about global warming and saving the earth. So, as they're not smart enough like us, instead of talking to them about stuff that will save their souls, let's talk about fair trade and all that. Forget Jesus, bring in Trader Joe.
Also, NO young people are interested in that old stuff, like Latin, and priest celebrating masses to the wall. Nope, none at all. There's like, a small tiny group of oldsters that are, but we're not going to be pastoral and help them, because they're just a minority, and no one helps minorities.
Ket me also add that conservatives are mean nasty people who are never happy. Libs are always so logical and nice to people. Conservatives are conservative because they are scared about the future."
Read the whole insulting article.
His Excellency says that you're all too dumb to talk theology, along with a whole nother bunch of non sequiturs and hasty generalizations.
Apparently, he thinks the best way to get youngsters into the church is to insult them, talk down on them, and then refuse to give them what they want, need, and deserve.
Will these people ever learn to get with the times?
Great plan.

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puella said...

I used to live and study in his diocese - actually I was there, I think, when he took over after +Cormac was appointed to Westminster. Can't say much other than that I'm not really surprised by this.