Sunday, September 13, 2009

And I expect the left to ignore this.

Yes. Because no matter what,their current tactic is insult,ignore, and marginalise. Besides,it's only a few million people.
Description here.
"This is all, obviously, a partial and unscientific take, and not an attempt to encapsulate a huge event, but rather a faithful rendering of what I saw. With that caveat, I had a very hard time reconciling the human beings I talked to and observed with the caricatures described in pre-writes by the New York Times' Gail Collins ("The tea party movement activists range from geeky Ron Paulists who obsess about the money supply to conspiracy theorists who believe that Barack Obama is a noncitizen brought here by people who hate this country"), the L.A. Times' Tim Rutten ("the talk-show/tea-party right...if it has its way–will convert the GOP into an almost exclusively white, zealously religious, mostly Southern party"), and Gawker's Alex Pareene ("Glenn Beck is an actual terrorist, and the people attending his rally in DC tomorrow are al-Qaeda in America"). "
But hey, why let facts get in your way.We've all learned by now that sweeping generalisations aren't really logical fallacies.
Oh, and I love this one.

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