Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well, I'm back from "choir practice".It didn't go the way I'd hoped. We started by teaching the kids how to pronounce the whole of the Latin Ordinary. Perfect. Not a vowel mispronounced nor a consonant wrongly stressed. So we started to teach them how to sing the ordinary. I did it musical phrase by musical phrase, and it went well. But it went downhill from there.
First, it was decided that instead of teaching the music phrase by phrase, we would do the music in one body, singing all the phrases in sucession. Then it was decided that I would lead the music by singing instead of playing the organ. That took all of 20 minutes. All the hymns I chose were wrong, so we spent the next 20 minutes practicing Christmas hymns, an Easter hymn, three marian hymns, and a random hymn.
Maybe I'm just too strict. I really had planned to do everything ordered and in succession. It turned into a random free for all, so now a week before the mass,we have no hymns, no psalm, 1/3 of an ordinary, and no acclamation. I asked for at least four people to meet once a week, or once a month to go over the music with me. I got a few volunteers, with a few other people promised. It's ambitious, but I still hope to teach them the hymns I picked, and if they can't sing, some basic voice training.
hopefully, it'll all work out.

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