Monday, September 14, 2009

*Insert Yu-gi-Oh! reference here*

Still not done with the race card.

"The Democrats have become like the "Church Lady" on Saturday Night Live "Could it be ... Racism?" The joke goes that the charge of racism is used anytime a liberal is loosing an argument, unfortunately this is way too accurate. The race card has become like the boy who cried wolf which undermines when there is actually the evil of racism. You can impugn the judicial capability and intelligence of Justice Thomas all day long - just don't dare oppose a Democrat who just happens to be black."
Rather like religious fundamentalists and the waning years of the Bush administration, the democrats have become a caricature of themselves. I wish I could chalk it up to reactionary ultra-conservatives, as they pretend most criticism of them comes from,but the daily blunders, rash speech,bad manners, and illogical arguments that the left (especially those in the Obama administration) make so that rather than watching an episode of Eyshield 21,I'd rather watch C-SPAN just teh lulz.

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