Monday, September 7, 2009

They don't know what they've done.

Someone actually asked me to help with the music for the First Friday masses. That's a really, really terrible idea. Do you know why? People who know me know why. They Know it's a bad idea. They Know it. For proof of that, this is what I'd pick:

Entrance: All ye who seek comfort sure

Mass setting: Mass for ferial days

Offertory: O Heart of Jesus, ark divine

Communion: God's mercies I will ever sing. (To the tune, St.Columba)

Recessional: Sweet Sacrament Divine.

Now I'll tell why I chose what I chose. I try to be somewhat consistent with my own thought on liturgical music and keep it just that, liturgical. For that reason, I chose the first and second hymn, which are used in breviary. The first hymn is from the new breviary, and the second from the old breviary. (These are Fr.Caswall's translations)
The communion hymn is something I really, really love, and I think it should be required of all Catholic churches. It's a metrical psalm. Namely, it's psalm 88, which the Graduale Simplex gives as the communion psalm. The whole hymn is too long, so I only picked the parts I felt were relevant. (Verses 1,2,7,14, and a doxology.)
The recessional hymn, however, is just because I liked that hymn.

The only possible problem is finding good hymns for the Sacred Heart. (I'll kill myself before I use "To Jesus' Heart all Burning" or any of the other rather saccharine devotional hymns from the St.Gregory hymnal. If your a fan of it, sorry, it's just not me.
Yes, this makes me a bad person. I've learned to live with it.

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