Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My mom got my brother this game for Christmas. At first, I like it because it's similar to to the Fable series, except that your actions are'nt grouped into a single series. All the members of your group have differing approval ratings. I like that. And the battle system is better.


some things in the game are a little unwholesome, which I do not like. While even in the Fable series, there has always been an option to have a wife and kids, and have a family, Dragon age took the idea of having a partner and ran with it. You should get the idea. I think that's a little disturbing. But then, I don't really know enough about the game to know how that might affect gameplay. I do know that approval ratings affect your party, including how close you are to one another, but I don't know how that affects how the plot or game goes.

[/shamelessly playing video games while on vacation.]

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