Sunday, December 12, 2010

How annoying.

At home, my mother is preparing a room for me to stay in for Christmas. I asked her to get me a medium sized table to use as a home altar. Well, she did, but it's four inches shorter and three inches wider than my old one.

That's not a problem,right?


Because, you see, being the nerd that I am, for my home altar, I had frontals in all the liturgical colors for it. (I've already shown the Red, Violet, and Rose ones) Besides those, I had two green ones, three white, two gold, one black and another red. Even though I'll only be home there during the summer, I'll still probably need to use several of them while I'm home. But, if the altar does'nt FIT them , you must acqui- I mean,I'll have to alter them. (Pun 100% intended)

Which is'nt easy. All of them are made from fabric remnants, so I don't have any extra fabric to widen them. So I don't know how I'll fix them. And some, (Like the rose one) were already too short anyway.

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