Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Tomorrow, (At least in gallican usages, e.g., Sarum) is the beginning of Sapientiatide. In the Roman rite, the office does'nt begin till the 17th, but the idea is the same. Just like in lent, we have the mini-season of Passiontide just before easter, lasting more than a week, so we also have the nine days of Sapientide. Just as in Passiontide, we were meant to focus on the coming days of the Passion of the Lord and the mystery of the resurrection, so also, in Spaientide, our focus changes from our Advent penances to the coming mysteries of the birth and manifestation of the Lord.(And in the middle ages, Advent as part of St.Martin's lent, a fast beginning from the feast of St.Martin of Tours till Christmas. Ancient Mercedarian usage followed this.)

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I did not know about the ancient Mercedarian usage of the Martinmas Advent season.