Saturday, December 4, 2010

Once again, I am reminded...

...That there is a lot of creepy and disgusting 'artwork' on deviant art. I'm subscribed to Marker Mania, so every few days, I get sent the new art that they have accepted from their members to put in the members' gallery. At least 40% of the stuff I end up deleting because, no matter how well done it is, some of the work is inappropriate.

The same happens when I look for stock.

I still run an artshop on Gaiaonline, so when I take a commission to draw a person for a user, I usually look for stock with a pose that will work with what they want done. Sometimes It's easy, sometimes it's not. I really absolutely Hate looking for stock photos, because what Deviantart considers 'tasteful' and what I consider 'tasteful' are two totally different tastefuls. Depending on the user, some people do upload normal and tasteful pictures of people, objects, and backgrounds that I can use. Others upload things that can be pretty offensive. One person I came across even had a series of photos mocking the Blessed Virgin.

But you never know what you'll get till you click 'Gallery' on their profile. It's always hit or miss, and for the most part, you'll find yourself having to slag through a few pages of unsuitable work to find the real gold, Because, unfortunately, the best stock photographers often tend to do that sort of work because it brings them pageviews, which are the nectar of life on Deviantart.

I'm slowly building up a collection of people whose galleries I know are tame. But it's only four people so far.

ETA: And as proof of this, I was on DA randomly browsing, and after I clicked on Daily deviations, wallpaper and channels, I decided to click 'Collections', since I've never done that before. And I'm so happy that my account settings block mature content.

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