Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, it's been tiring.

At mass, we had the music as planned (hark the herald ( with fanfare and descant by Willcocks) Haydn mass in b flat, Chanted propers, Adeste fideles (Descant by Willcocks) and as the postlude, Toccata in G major.( Theodore Dubois, with the 32' reeds in the pedal and chamades in the manuals.)

For the first time ever, I did'nt go to the mass of Christmas day, and breaking the rules, I sang lauds when I got home from mass. Brunch with my mom and brother was later, and then presents. My brother and I made a trip downtown to get my mother certain type of necklace that she had wanted since we were little ones. Cue emotional hug. I helped make christmas dinner, but dessert was all storebought. (Candy cane ice cream, raspberry sorbet, and various cookies, all from Trader Joes.)

Then, I sang lauds again this morning, and after mass at Lourdes, another brunch.Then a trip in the snow to get some boots, since neither my brother or I have any boots.Yes. In a blizzard. We LEFT THE HOUSE.

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