Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best.Week. Ever.(So far)

Yes, it has.
First, I found the will I was looking for. That's good. The house is a bit further away from Lourdes than I would have liked (I'm no longer within walking distance) But it's a better neighborhood, close to a mall, the R5 and 52, and Saint Joe's.

Then, I got a call from one of the places I applied to for a job. Out of the 15 or so different stores and chains I applied to, about 0.00% bothered to contact me and say I did'nt get the job. Actually, most never even told me they were'nt interested in an interview. Well, the lady called yesterday and told me to come Wednesday for my interview. I've basically got the job because the lady is my older sister's friend from Way back.

And then of course, I spent the weekend over at the monastery again. On Friday, I went over to S.Charles seminary with one of the brothers to sit in on some classes. It was actually great fun,and one of the professors turned out to be someone I usually see at Lourdes.
Oh, and I'm beginning to notice a strange pattern of disasters everytime I come. Last time, there was'nt any heat, and this time a pipe broke and the bathrooms could'nt be used.

And today, I was using my dad's old laptop that he gave to me to make a set of altar cards. I was playing around with the programs, and for fun, I clicked the Firefox icon. And it worked. My brother said the wireless card was broken, but it's not. It's working! I'm back online!

I quit playing Vierne's Callion de Longpont. I've been playing it by ear, because the music department at the Free Library downtown is closed because of asbestos. I got most of it done. but I don't know how to play the ending. I need sheet music for that, and I don't have it for now. So instead, I'm going to learn Bach's famous Passacaglia from the Passacaglia and fugue in C minor. I used to know it, but it's been at least two years since I played it, and even then, I never got the last six variations done.

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