Friday, November 27, 2009

Ritual Notes. (Christ the King.)

They can now say that their maxim is "Libretto by Bugnini, ceremonial by Fortescue."

They have a new big thurible. It's not the brass,enamel-encrusted,50-pound monster that comes out five times a year, but something lighter. All the candles were lit.
There were six servers: Crucifer, acolytes, thurifer, and boat bearer, and an extra server who came but wasn't supposed to. And the chasuble was this one.
There wasn't an entrance hymn, instead , Charpentier's "Prelude to the Te Deum" was played during the procession. The introit, Dignus est Agnus was sung suring the incensation of the altar, which had genuflections rather than bowing, and altar was'nt walked around. The mass setting was "De Angelis", except for the gloria which was Hassler's.
We sat during the gloria, as (At least, as I've been told) They do at Westminster Cathedral.
At the offertory,the offertory chant was sung, followed by Groller's "O Sacrum Convivium", and the hymn "The King of Love my Shepherd Is." The altar was incensed in the same way, and then the priest and the people, as we've been doing this year.
Because of time restraints (I suppose), from the Te igitur to the communicantes, part of the canon was said quietly under the sanctus, but the rest was said aloud.
The communion antiphon was from the Graduale, but with a psalm sung and the antiphon actually used as an antiphon. The song of praise was the popular choral version of the "Christus Vincit", with verses by the men of the choir. When the antiphon was first sung, it was by the women of the choir on simple diapasons. It was sung again chorally Organo Pleno, with the 16' Pousaune and 32' Contre Bourdone in the pedal.
The dedication of the human race to Christ the King was recited after mass,and the recessional was "Crown him with many crowns" with the last verse sung chorally and the 32' Contre Bombarde shaking the foundations and walls.
The postlude was BWV 541.
All in all, great work, all of it.

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