Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a Catafalque!

Photos here.

It was a very nice mass.The music was Cristobal Morales' setting of the requiem, except for the tract, dies irae, sanctus and agnus, and the libera me. Jacques Arcadelt's Ave Maria was sung at the offertory, and William Byrd's well-known setting of the Ave Verum was sung at the ablutions. Before mass, the organist played one of bach's chorales using the flute celeste and tromba with the tremulo one the antiphonal organ. The postlude was BWV 549. All the flowers and reliquaries had been removed, as had the carpets in the sanctuary.

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Caedmon said...

It is good to see that someone with your ever-discerning eye and ear caught the manifold subtleties of the Requiem at Lourdes.